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Internet and Website Marketing: The Answer to European Marketing Problems

Marketing in the European continent has always been a big problem to businesses and companies in the said region. Although European nations are united by a lot of aspects, each country still has differences that marketers and advertisers should consider. Aside from the distinction from country to country, there are clusters inside each country whose preferences should be considered.

European nations have basically pleasant relations with each other, and their cultures have great similarities with each other. However, there still remain differences in habits, language culture, climate, etc. and these have caused great difficulties to businessmen who are attempting to enter the European markets.

The Problem: Euro-Consumer Clusters

A consumer cluster may or may not basically point to a group of people in the same European country. These clusters are defined by social, political, and cultural characteristics, what marketers call socio-demographics. Take for example; French speaking Europeans belong to a different cluster from English speaking citizens. Taking the same group of people you could still divide the group into other clusters depending on financial income, gender and preferences.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, each company must consider the uniqueness of each cluster in order to communicate with them properly. Most people might think that this is not really difficult to do. All that an advertiser or marketer would have to do is to customize a marketing approach for each cluster. Nevertheless, you must remember that we are not just talking about a large city here. We are talking about the panEuropean region. Although customising a marketing approach is doable, this would entail a large investment and a considerable amount of risk.

Although if you think about it, the real problem does not lie in the Euro-Consumer clusters but in the advertising media available that could reach most if not all euro-Consumers. Television is the widely used medium when it comes to advertising in a large area. Television advertisement could reach all of Europe, but could it address each cluster properly? Television might be able to overcome the language cluster, but a company could never customize a program for each cluster without spending a fortune. Print media, on the other hand, could not even overcome the language barrier effectively.

The Solution: Internet and Website Marketing

Basing on the marketing problem that has been mentioned above, some people assume that there is no easy way for panEuropean marketing. This is not true, though. There is, in fact, a cheaper and more effective way of addressing the need to specifically market to each cluster. Technology was good enough to provide us with the internet.

The internet reaches almost the same market as television. Through internet marketing, one has the ability to customize a program to fit each cluster at a lower cost and with much greater efficiency. With the internet, the language barrier is the last thing you’ll ever need to worry about, too, since most internet browsers have the ability to translate content effectively. You could even design your site in different European languages to effectively address the language cluster problem.

Software and Website Localization for Better Business

With the rapid intensification of globalization, active software in one country or neighborhood isn’t good enough for your business. For one to be able to compete for the market internationally, software localization is a vital step for business success.

Software localization is the act of translating software or a website from the original language it was designed to a target language. For instance, if your software was designed in English and you would love to extend your services to a country like China, you will have to translate your website or software to Chinese so as to easily capture the local market in China. Software and website localization are now becoming inevitable for almost every company regardless of the high costs and time involved.

Benefits of Software and Website Localization

Increased awareness about the product and its functions; Software localization enables the local or target market easily grasp information about your software and its functionalities that will make them comfortable in using and fully exploiting your product hence increased market.

Increased sales; Translating and localizing your software or website means you are able to communicate directly to potential clients in their native language. They will then be impressed to make more purchases from your business as they seem to be party to it. The only way of increasing sales is by increasing product and or service awareness among the target market, this awareness will be boosted only if the potential clients are able to understand your brand in their language. It is very interesting to do business in the language that clients are comfortable with.

Widen client base; Software and website translation enables any business to extent its services or products to any region worldwide. This means you’re service/product will not be limited to a specific market. A wider coverage means a wider customer base for any business. Stop struggling within a smaller market space yet your service has more demand outside there! Think global, open your corridors to a worldwide space by simply combining the use of internet and website location to capture foreign markets.

Reduce operation costs; offering services in the languages best understood by the audience minimizes potential queries as everything seems clear right away from the website, this will therefore downsize support costs for any company.

With software localization, a company is able to gain international reputation. When your software is translated to abroad languages, it will easily gain international recognition and be able to gain trust by a significant number of countries worldwide.

Gain competitive advantage; it is possible to beat your competition by simply localizing your business to suit clients’ needs. By translating a software or website to the local language, you’re making yourself known to the local market and differentiating yourself from other companies in the same field. This will make your business stand as an industry leader.

Localizing your software and the entire business simply signifies that you’re able to easily meet the expectations of the target market. The software/website will have the right looks for the customers and it will enable them develop the feeling that it was designed specifically for them since they are comfortable with the context, the language and the interface as well.

Therefore, with software and website localization, you move a step ahead in building your brand name internationally and winning customers’ trust over your competitors.

Recession Marketing For Niche and Specialty Providers – 5 Tips For Small Business Internet Marketing

Are you a high end, niche provider of high quality products? Did you, or do you, rely on your website and internet marketing initiatives to produce your most profitable leads? Many of my clients fall into this category, and before owning my own company, I worked as an executive for companies in this category. High-end niche manufacturers, which not too long ago, enjoyed high profit margins and felt immune to the initial stages of recession, are now facing challenges arguably more daunting than any other business sector.

The tables have turned in a little over a year. The country was facing a subprime mortgage crisis but the luxury goods manufacturers, sometimes with a touch of hubris, dismissed this warning sign since subprime mortgage holders did not buy their products.

And who can blame them? Partly because it’s human nature, and partly because there were too many underlying issues we just didn’t know about.

Well now, everyone is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, and the niche-based, luxury product manufacturers may be the last to come out of it. But this is an article on successful internet marketing for niche manufacturers, not a depressing rehash of what you are already way too familiar with.

The Marketing Challenge If you are a business owner, marketing director or sales manager for a niche based business targeting the wealthy, I imagine this resonates with you. So the challenge is how does your business evolve?

You’ve probably done the cost cutting, reduced staff and managed your cash flow with a microscope. But you need revenue and everyone wants a discount. A discount! Niche manufacturers of high end products are in this business to avoid discounts. That’s what niche marketing is about.

So what do you do? Here are five proven tips to generate more revenue through internet marketing you should consider.

1. Collaborate with Complementary Businesses You know who your competitors are, but have you built relationships with potentially collaborative business? Let’s say your business provides custom doors – expensive, made of mahogany. If you don’t install the doors, contact realtors, installers, hinge manufacturers, lock manufactures, custom moulding and millwork suppliers, etc. – you get the idea. Potential internet marketing solutions include:

• Linking to each others’ websites
• Sharing e-mail lists (if you are compliant with your privacy policy and can-spam
• Refer business leads to each other

2. Hire a Marketing Consultant Seriously, a skilled marketing consultant with a proven track record and real business experience will pay for his or herself. And if you find a quality, niche-focused resource, it will be far more cost-effective than using a high-end agency.

On the other hand, don’t go the cheap route and hire an inexperienced resource that can do some website coding but doesn’t have seasoned experience with internet marketing.

My firm, Marketing Practicality, focuses on internet marketing solutions for small business. We understand small business marketing and are currently positioning clients for the eventual turn around while growing revenue in the short term.

3. Search Engine Optimization This is a critical area of internet marketing for small business. Even more so for the high-end, niche supplier in a recession. Granted, there are a lot of snake-oil salespeople and misinformation around this topic. But if you find a qualified search engine optimization firm that takes the time to learn your business, you will generate more revenue now and be well positioned for the economic recovery.

4. Refine Your Internet Marketing Process Really, you should refine your entire marketing process. When you look at it objectively, is it the best it can be? Are your marketing and sales processes integrated? Are you monitoring your KPI’s? Have you established new benchmarks? What are your marketing metrics? How do you evaluate performance? Where are your leads coming from? Do you have an effective communication stream with your customers? How about the people that could have been but aren’t your customers?

An effective internet marketing process can answer some of these questions.

5. Work Hard – Work Smart I know you are working hard. But like most things in life, there is no secret sauce. It takes hard work and determination to be successful. If you need a resource to do this, hire one. If you want to do it yourself, prepare to spend a lot of time learning, and take some hard knocks along the way. Either way, if you commit to improving your internet marketing your business will succeed.